Ten Things to Do When You’re Struggling To Find Motivation

We've all been there. You're sitting down at your desk, ready to start a piece of work and then BAM your motivation starts going down a very steep slope. All of a sudden, you're lost and staring at a blank document or into space, wondering how you are going to get out of this rut. Well, have no fear, as here are ten things that you could do if you are struggling to find that bit of motivation.

1. Find inspiration – finding inspiration is a great thing to do when you are struggling to get motivated. You can find inspiration anywhere from books, magazines, tv shows, film and art, to your friends, family and other inspirational people. Just taking some time to become inspired will most certainly help your motivation.

2. Put your phone away – we've all been guilty of this. You're sitting, ready to start some work with your phone next to you, and all of a sudden, the urge to go on it and scroll through social media is too tempting. By putting your phone in a different room or turning it off will help your mind to stay focused on the task at hand.

3. Break your work down into smaller chunks – sometimes the reason that we lack motivation is that we've given ourselves too much to do in a short space of time. One way to overcome this is to break your tasks down into much smaller chunks. Try and set yourself a goal of doing one or two parts of your task one day and keep going.

4. Go for a walk in nature – sometimes just going for a walk in nature, for example in a park or a forest helps clear your mind and relaxes you. Exercise has been proven to work wonders for your motivation and mental health and will help you feel good within yourself in the process. Walking in nature will help give you that mental escape and will leave you to feel more motivated than you were previously.

5. Use the Forest App – Forest is an app (available on the apple app store and google play store) which encourages you to put down your phone and stay focused. When you want to stay focused you set a timer in the app and a tree will start growing whilst you focus on your work. If you pick up your phone before the time you've set runs out your tree will die. It's a fun way to keep yourself focused and motivated as you will see in time how your forest grows.

6. Reward yourself – sometimes promising to reward yourself after doing a piece of work is the motivation you need to keep going. For example, you could take a 10-minute break after doing 30 minutes of work, or have that chocolate bar you've been craving after an hour of work or allow yourself to browse social media for 5 minutes after 15 minutes of work. Figure out if big or small rewards will motivate you the most and then go from there.

7. Practice self-care – you will most definitely struggle to find motivation if you aren't looking after yourself properly. Practicing self-care and getting into that routine will help not just only your focus, but your overall mental wellbeing too. Just by making sure that you're getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, avoiding habits like smoking, binge drinking and binge eating, and making time for activities you enjoy will overall raise your motivation.

8. Get organised – sometimes just by organising your workspace, you will find that you have more motivation. Working in a cluttered, untidy space causes your mind to feel cluttered and disorganised. By sorting your workspace into a calm, clear, tidy environment, your mind will follow suit, thus being able to work more efficiently.

9. Meditate – sometimes our brains become so overloaded, that we start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and clear our mind. Meditation is a great way of doing this. By just taking some time to focus on our breathing and clear our mind of all stress will do wonders for our brain stimulation. Mediation will help you feel happier, as stress is reduced. When we're feeling positive, we will often have more motivation. The Headspace app and Calm app are great apps to help start your meditation journey.

10. Get support – sometimes our lack of motivation stems from something else happening in our lives, and just by talking to someone or getting some support could help massively. By reaching out to someone who will know that you aren't alone and that there is someone out there to help you through. You could get support from a family member, a friend, a professional, or even through online forums and websites. Onyx Support is always there to offer help and advice to anyone who is struggling.

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