All You Need To Know About Finding Support At Uni

Maybe you are a fresher, or you have been at University for a while now but take a moment to think about your life right now. Do you have any current challenges that you expect to continue to be an issue while you’re at university? If so – write down what these issues may be and underneath each, jot down a list of the support you could get. For example, if you are worried about how you will manage your finances, you might say that you can seek support from your uni Finance Team, Citizens Advice, Turn2Us and Money Saving Expert.

However, when it comes to your academic work and your mental health, you might not be aware of all of the support available to you whilst you study. Here, I will explain all you need to know about finding support at university.

Have you been diagnosed with a physical health or mental health condition, such as depression? If so, you should be eligible to receive DSA funding to get support from a Specialist Mentor whilst you study, your mentor will help you with areas such as organisation, accessibility, time management, having confidence in group work and improving your mental health. You may be eligible for extra funding or equipment as a disabled student, so contact your disability services team to book an assessment and to find out what support the uni can offer you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and doubting yourself and your abilities at uni, its likely that you will withdraw and communicate less with your tutors. However, it is useful and important that you let your module and personal tutor know what is going on. If you are struggling with something personally, keep them updated. If you are struggling academically, ask for more help and reassurance. If they do not know what is going on, they won’t be able to help you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your personal or module tutor about the issues, make a list of lecturers/staff that you do feel comfortable with and speak to them.

Reach out to someone in your lectures. Maybe you feel that you have not built up relationships with anyone in your classes and therefore don’t ask anyone for help. However, you would probably be surprised the amount of people thinking the same thing.

If you need support with your wellbeing, contact the mental health and wellbeing team at your university. The details for each universities wellbeing team should be on the website. They can support you with understanding and addressing poor mental health before it becomes something bigger and this will definitely help you in the long run.

Career Support

You could be feeling as though you need support around your career options. Have you decided you are not sure if the course you are on is right for you? Or you are not sure if you are happy with your career opportunities after graduating? Maybe you do not know your options. Reach out to your university career service, they can give resources and advice on your options, such as writing a CV.

Housing Support

Housing at uni can be a huge pressure on top of your workload if you are not happy with it. Your uni’s accommodation support service will help you find a room or work with you to sort any housing-related challenges you’re facing. Details of this will be on the main university website.

International Students Support

If you are an international student, explore the types of support available for you at the university, as this can differ from others. They will, however, support you with accommodation, settling in to life in the UK and meeting new people.

General Health and Sexual Health Support

Most uni's have their own health centres, so make sure you become familiar and register with yours when you first start uni. You will then have access to appointments like a general GP’s, along with sexual health services offering things like STI tests, pregnancy tests, contraception and free condoms. Don’t leave it you need an appointment before you register. Make things easier and stress-free for yourself by being organised.

For more support, please explore our website to see how we can support you!

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